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Dangers of Hydrocodone Addiction

Person struggling with hydrocodone addiction

Addiction impacts every aspect of life. The dangers of hydrocodone addiction become even more serious when experimenting with Klonopin. Mixing these prescription drugs can cause your body’s natural processes to slow to a dangerous pace, putting your life in danger.

Polysubstance abuse, or mixing multiple substances, is a dangerous side of addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with opioid addiction or benzo addiction, Evoke Wellness at San Marcos can help. Call 888.450.2285 to get started.

Hydrocodone Can Cause Opioid Addiction

Hydrocodone, which is often prescribed as Vicodin, is an opioid painkiller. Doctors use it to help their patients manage pain after surgery, injury, or illness. However, it is important to be aware that hydrocodone can cause opioid addiction if not taken as prescribed.

Opioid addiction occurs when someone becomes physically and psychologically dependent on the drug. The body adapts to the drug, leading to increased tolerance and cravings for more. This cycle can quickly spiral out of control. Addiction cravings can cause individuals to take higher doses or mix substances to try and experience more powerful effects.

Mixing Benzos and Opioids

Taking multiple substances can cause their side effects to intensify and become life-threatening.

Effects of Opioids

Opioids like Vicodin interact with the brain by attaching to opioid receptors. This helps ease pain, leading to states of calm and relaxation. The body and brain experience other effects on opioids, including:

  • Euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Slowed breathing

Effects of Benzos

Benzos like Klonopin are tranquilizers that doctors use to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and seizures. They are central nervous system (CNS) depressants that help ease intense feelings of anxiety and interrupt seizures before they become too severe. Benzos cause the body and brain to:

  • Slow down
  • Relax muscles
  • Soothe anxiety

When someone uses Klonopin and hydrocodone together, the two drugs can amplify each other’s effects. This leads to stronger side effects that put individuals at risk of overdose. Respiratory depression, when breathing slows down or stops, is the most concerning symptom of mixing the two substances. This can quickly become life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Know What to Do During an Overdose

Nearly 200 people die daily of an overdose involving opioids in the U.S., one of the main dangers of hydrocodone addiction. Overdose often includes signs like:

  • Difficult or shallow breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Slow or stopped heart rate
  • Bluish/grayish skin

Infographic with details related to hydrocodone addiction

Save a Life

If someone you love lives with opioid addiction, being educated could save their life. Addiction to opioids, or any other substance, is a disease. Learning more about it and knowing how to reduce the harm that comes with it can support your loved one.

Narcan (naloxone) is a life-saving opioid overdose reversal medication. In many states, it is available without a prescription. Having Narcan on hand allows you to be prepared if an overdose happens. If it does, you can:

  1. Call 911. Even if you have Narcan available, it is crucial to seek medical attention right away.
  2. Administer Narcan. Follow the instructions on the packaging, usually by spraying into one nostril while someone lies on their back.
  3. Monitor breathing and other vital signs until emergency services arrive.
  4. Stay with the person until help arrives. They may be agitated or confused when they wake up from an overdose, so it is essential to ensure their safety and prevent them from leaving or injuring themselves.

It’s important to note that Narcan will not work on any overdose except those involving opioids. If someone overdoses on hydrocodone and Klonopin, Narcan could help reverse the effects of opioids, allowing time for emergency personnel to arrive.

Professional Treatment Can Help

Polysubstance abuse is a significant concern when it comes to opioid addiction. Evoke Wellness in Texas provides medical detox, residential treatment, and medication-addicted treatment for individuals addicted to opioids and other substances. Dual diagnosis treatment program is also available for those struggling with mental health issues along with addiction.

By seeking help from a professional treatment center, individuals can receive personalized care and support to address their specific needs. This may include other evidence-based approaches to help overcome addiction and reduce the risks of substance abuse.

Get Help at Evoke Wellness in Texas

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, it’s essential to reach out for help. Evoke Wellness at San Marcos offers a supportive environment for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. Our team of medical professionals and addiction specialists is dedicated to helping individuals achieve long-term recovery from opioids and other substances.

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