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How Can I Find A Support Group Meeting Near Me?

A support group meeting can be helpful and motivating for Veterans in recovery from addiction or mental illness. It can be challenging to find a support group meeting. Reaching out to counselors, mental health professionals and other recovering addicts often leads to guidance and shared wisdom. Supporting others while gaining knowledge from others encourages Veterans to develop new coping mechanisms and find hope in their lives. 

What is a Support Group?

Finding a peer support group is an important step in the recovery process. Overall, these meetings help like-minded people, who share stories of personal experiences, provide peer support, and celebrate each other’s success. Support groups are not therapy or like individual counseling. Support group meetings offer empathy and caring as well as new coping mechanisms and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Recovery is a personal experience and Veterans have problems they believe are theirs alone. Treatment plans can include continued individual growth but improvement in an addict’s health and well-being can also come from peers and helping others. Managing setbacks can be easier with the advice of those who have traveled your road before you. Finding a support group to meet your needs can be a useful tool in supporting yourself. 

Who Should Use Support Groups?

When feeling alone in recovery or looking for others who have similar emotions, a support group could be useful. Support group participation is an inspirational journey in sharing with others who have some difficulties and challenges in recovery. In addition, support groups complement treatment and can help build healthy friendships that could lead to beneficial prospects for individual growth. Finding a support group meeting could be the answer to making progress in your recovery process. 

Believing that recovery is possible can be supported by attending a support group meeting. 

Developing a sense of hope in recovery helps build individual strengths and coping skills. In addition, the support offered by peers instead of family and friends adds an additional level of confidence and strength. Support groups can add a new level of self-understanding in recovery. Finding a support group meeting is a positive pathway to follow in recovery. 

Importance of Support Groups in Addiction and Mental Health Recovery

The importance of support groups in addiction and mental health recovery is sharing similar issues that are unique to Veterans. Support groups can add a new level of support to Veterans new to recovery. Thus, support groups can help Veterans no matter what stage of recovery they are moving through. 

Family and friends can also use a support group. They can meet others who understand that having a loved one in recovery can be challenging. Finding a  support group in recovery shows their loved one how much they care. This also leads by example that reaching out to others for help can be positive and healthy. 

How Can I Find a Support Group Near Me?

Reaching out to your doctor or mental health professional, counselor, or advocate can help to find support groups nearby. There are apps to find support group meetings as well. Many support groups address just about any situation that could be stressful and hard to cope with. Asking others who have similar recovery stories can also be a reliable option in finding groups near you. Churches often have meetings within their classrooms and calling around can help. Finding a support group meeting to meet your needs only takes the desire to add another level of support to your recovery process. 

Finding Support Groups for US Veterans

If you are seeking services to help with your recovery and treatment, contact Sunrise Veterans Health. We can answer your questions concerning recovery, treatment options, or finding a support group in your area. We also have a staff of experienced professional counselors, mental health professionals, and physicians to meet your needs. Veterans who find a support group meeting can share the experiences that have caused them to become addicted or experience PTSD. Visit our admissions page and get started in your recovery today.