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How to Support Someone in Drug Detox

If you have a loved one or friend about to enter a drug detox program, learning how to support someone in drug detox is essential. Successful detox can be attained with the support and care from loved ones during a challenging process. Deciding to end addiction, enter detox, and work on a treatment plan is an incredible undertaking. Unfortunately, those unfamiliar with drug or alcohol addiction cannot naturally support those entering recovery. Education is key to being supportive and not enabling.

What Is Drug Detox?

Education on how to support someone in drug detox begins with understanding how addiction works. Drug detox is the removal of an addictive substance from the body. After the initial decision to enter treatment, the medical team performs an evaluation. Finally, the addict’s physical and mental condition is determined. Intake information determines insurance coverage, addiction details, and personal information. 

Drug detox has the potential to be life-threatening. Medically assisted treatment can ease the severe symptoms. In learning how to support someone in drug detox, it is essential to understand that detox is complex, and the addict needs 24-hour monitoring. Look for a center to detox that offers this method of detox

Why Is Detox Necessary?

Drug detox is necessary to remove the toxic substance built up in the body from addiction. The body has built a dependence on alcohol or drugs. Without the drugs, withdrawal symptoms will begin, and this painful and dangerous treatment starts with removing the harmful substance. Learning how to support someone in drug detox includes being patient and understanding through detox. 

Sobriety is the initial stage in ending addiction. Then the patient will look to family and friends for support during drug detox to stay on the recovery track. Unfortunately, some addicts do not make it further into treatment because detox is so complex, but recovery is not possible until detox takes place. Family being present for the detoxing addict is how to support someone in drug detox. 

Supporting a Loved One During Detox

Learning how to support someone in drug detox can be a successful journey in building confidence, a higher level of understanding, and how to help without enabling. In addition, following the steps to educate, understand and be supportive can lead to successful treatment of a loved one. Addicts are vulnerable during detox and deserve respect, understanding, and love. 

  • Rely on patience: Set the mood and attitude. Your strength in being patient will exude positive and healthy vibes. Being calm and understanding is modeling good choices. Try not to take anything personally. 
  • Remove negative people: Drug detox is a complex process to undertake. The addict needs to focus on their treatment and recovery alone. Additional stressors like negative people visiting can be detrimental to the success of the treatment. Toxic people are an unneeded distraction. 
  • Be active in the treatment: Some centers offer programs for families to participate in to be as enthusiastic and helpful in treatment as possible. These programs can be highly beneficial to the detoxing addict and family members. Staying willing and active in the treatment process exemplifies a willingness to be committed.
  • Take time for yourself:  Model a healthy lifestyle, and consistent eating and sleeping habits are twofold benefits. Resting and taking time to reflect on the ongoing transitions are crucial. Make sure to make time to provide self-care. 
  • Support post detox: Aftercare planning is encouraged for all family members or close friends taking part as a support system for the addict. Continual group sessions to share experiences and gain knowledge are beneficial. Even though detox is over, treatment and recovery are ongoing, and the addict will need continued support. Being active in post-detox treatment is crucial to preventing relapse, isolation, and lack of confidence. 

Importance of Being Involved With Your Loved Ones’ Recovery

Watching a loved one go through drug detox and treatment is a struggle. Loved ones can feel helpless and may not understand what they need to do for support. Just being present is a sign of commitment and love to the addict. Being at a very vulnerable stage in life, they need involvement and help from friends and family to be successful with recovery. The treatment team can instruct and assist in supporting someone in drug detox.

Committing to learning how to support someone in drug detox can be daunting. The initial weeks of detox and treatment can be exhausting. Being kind to yourself is imperative for the best supportive help you can offer. Detox can bring out the worst of your detoxing loved one. Be prepared to see negative behaviors and intense physical symptoms. Rehab is not a pretty picture but it leads to a beautiful future.  

How to Support Someone in Drug Detox in Texas

Contact our supportive team at Sunrise Veterans Health to understand how to support someone in drug detox. Call or email our experienced treatment professionals with your concerns and questions. Helping your loved one or friend is an essential factor in the recovery process. Contact us today!