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Difference Between Veteran Rehab Programs & Regular Rehabs

Veteran rehab programs are for Veterans with substance abuse disorders, mental illness, co-occurring medical conditions, and other concerns such as homelessness and unemployment. The needs of Veterans are unique in terms of disabilities incurred due to severe trauma such as combat, deployments, and injuries. A wide range of programs can address the Veteran’s individual needs which could be any combination of issues. The VA serves this population; however, a wide range of services are in the private sector as well. 

What are Veteran Rehab Programs?

Veteran rehab programs focus on the recovery of Veterans with mental illness and substance abuse disorders developed while serving in the military. The main goal is to treat Veterans with the respect, honor, and hope that they deserve. Mental health professionals and medical physicians work hand in hand to meet the needs of the Veteran to detox from substance abuse. In addition, professionals address medical and co-occurring mental health issues through progressive and well-established treatments.  

The VA uses Measured Based Care (MBC) to ensure the process of rehab includes treating all of a person’s medical and mental health needs. Education about exercise, nutrition, bringing in the family and friends for support, and treating the Veteran as a whole person is their main concern. Veteran rehab programs meet all of the needs of the Veteran including housing, employment, and vital life skills. VA programs are beginning to see the positive effects of newly established treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, clinical hypnosis, and biofeedback.  

Veteran vs Regular Rehab Programs

Veteran rehab programs meet the large numbers of Veterans experiencing PTSD and substance abuse disorders. These programs also address their medical issues due to combat injuries and the stresses of deployments. Overall, Veteran rehab programs vs regular rehab programs are geared toward the Veteran who has been living in military culture. Regular rehab programs may treat the civilian population dealing with mental health and substance abuse disorders but do not have the need for combat-related treatments. 

The VA and private sector rehab treatment centers have specialized programs for the needs of Veterans. While the VA offers many options, sometimes the wait times for treatment are long and inconvenient due to location. Private sector rehab centers can treat Veterans with specialized programs to treat the Veteran’s needs. A counselor can address the questions and concerns of the Veteran with a consultation call. The VA treatment also has requirements before initiating treatments. For instance, the Veteran must be assessed before acceptance to a Veteran rehab program. 

How to Find Veteran Rehab Programs

Veterans can find Veteran rehab programs through the VA with a referral from their medical provider at the VA. There are additional programs that may work with the VA to treat Veterans for their specific needs. Private rehab centers can obtain authorizations from the VA to cover the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders.

Mental health residential programs are also available through the VA for specific issues facing Veterans. The criteria for acceptance into the programs through VA medical physicians and mental health professionals is well defined. The VA has the following residential options open:

  • Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (DRRTP)
  • General Domiciliary (General Dom) or Psychosocial Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (PRRTP)
  • Domiciliary PTSD (Dom PTSD) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (PTSD-RRTP)
  • Domiciliary SA (Dom SA) or Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (SARRTP)

Transitional housing programs are also available through the VA and private sectors to make the transition from a residential treatment center to sober life in the civilian world. Private sector rehab centers can be easier to access and in a more timely manner. Often the Veteran dealing with substance abuse issues needs immediate help. For this reason, Veteran rehab centers are available if you take the first step to contact and enroll for treatment. 

Rehab Programs for US Veterans

Veterans looking for rehab centers can contact Sunrise Veterans Health. We invite you to recover with our professional team in a stable and positive environment. Visit our admissions page today for more information.